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This page describes the people who have contributed and continue to contribute to the Great Canadian Board Game Blitz organization.

Daryl Andrews
Daryl Andrews loves board games. He is a journeymen with the Game Artisans of Canada. He is passionate about board game development, and organizing board game events. He has been part of helping gaming at events like FanExpo, GameSummit, & GameCampLondon. Furthermore, he is a "work-to-hire" developer with WizKids Games. Additionally, he is a freelance writer & active volunteer. Daryl writes for CBC.ca, RelevantMagazine.com, SportsNet.ca, GamesForAll.ca, and Deathofmonopoly.blogspot.ca.

Marc Lanctot
Marc is a board game enthusiast and graduate student studying Artificial Intelligence with a focus on AI in games. Marc's blitz story is that he attended Justine's mixed Euro-Game Tournament (MEGA) at KingCon 2009 in Kingston and was blown away by how much fun it was. That summer, he proposed the same tournament format to Justin Mohareb. Marc is the former main organizer, but still maintains the web site and promotes the blitz electronically.

Justin Mohareb
Justin is the gaming coordinator for FanExpo Canada. After a successful first tournament, Justin was the first to suggest a country-wide tournament circuit. Justin, and the FanExpo committee, have generously sponsored the GCBGB tournaments by giving entry passes to first-place winners to participate in the GCBGB Finals each year.

Sara VanderWal
Sara is a local Toronto gamer who works at Snakes and Lattes, the local gaming Cafe / lounge in Toronto. Sara has been a huge help in the planning and execution of tournaments in 2009 and 2010. She has ran several tournaments in Toronto, helped improve the general tournament structure, and has helped with publicity and refereeing.

Justine Scala
Justine Scala is a co-owner of the Kingston game store Minotaur Games and Gifts, as well as the main organizer of KingCon, Kingston's annual game convention. Justine Scala is ultimately responsible for starting the GCBGB based on the format and idea by Patrick McInally. The blitz is an incarnation of their tournament that was first run at KingCon 2009. The tournament has changed very little since! Justine is also the KingCon championship coordinator.

Patrick McInally
The Great Canadian Board Game Blitz format originally comes from a tournament idea by Patrick McInally and was first held at KingCon 2009. As he was busy with other aspects of KingCon that year, Justine Scala took the reigns and made the event a reality. The rest, as they say, is history!

Local Championship Coordinators

Local coordinators are volunteers who have either run local championships or are in the process of planning one. Without these people, the Great Canadian Board Game blitz would not span as great a distance as it does. Coordinators volunteer their time to publicizing the blitz championships locally, and most often provide their own games to use in their events.

Marc Beauregard and Romain Jacques
Marc and Romain are part of the Ludo-Outaouais community in Gatineau, Québec. They ran the GCBGB at Game Summit in 2010.

Shaun Ventura
Shaun is a board gamer from Montreal. He participated in GCBGB @ CanGames 2010 and then organized and ran the GCBGB @ Grand Roludothon 2011.

Pierre ran the KeyCon 28 championship in Winnipeg.

Raymond Saulnier
Raymond organized and ran the Impossibile Realities Championship in Saint John and Comunicon in Fredericton.

Michael Dorsey and Jason Smith
Michael Dorsey organized and ran the Hal-Con 2011 Championship. Jason helped Michael run the event. Michael has also volunteered to run the Hal-Con 2012 Championship.

Lachlan Salter
Lachlan is a board gamer from Ottawa and a previous CanGames blitz champion; he tied in points with the 2010/2011 Canadian champion (Micah Fuller) for the title at the finals. Lachlan will be running the blitz @ CanGames 2012.

Dan Erickson
Dan was the Board Games Event Manager at GottaCon 2012, and ran a very successful Blitz there. He had a great time doing and and highly recommends the experience to others.

David Derksen
David is from Winnipeg. He was one of the founders of Wincon and has run it every year since. He will be running the blitz at KeyCon 29 in May 2012. He's been playing board games for almost four decades and has no intention of stopping now.

Jim Buchanan
Jim is one of the co-founders of a new games convention in Winnipeg called JimCon. It ran for the first time in November of 2011 and will be an on going annual event. He has been playing RPG's for the past 30 years and in the last 5-8 years really got hooked on boardgames. Jim will be helping David run the blitz at KeyCon 29 in May 2012.

Daryl Chow
Daryl Chow is a board game enthusiast and designer from the Ottawa area. He is also part of the Game Artisans of Canada. He ran our largest blitz to date at Game Summit 2012, which attracted 45 participants, handily beating the previous record of 32 participants!

Maurice Tousignant
Maurice is an avid Windsor-area gamer as well as the webmaster of Windsor Gaming Resource. He has been involved with organizing the blitz in Windsor since the first one in 2010, and is the main organizer of the 2012 Windsor Championship.

Daniel Tatone
Daniel Tatone is the owner of Gamers' Vault in Montreal. Daniel is organizing the 2012 Montreal championship.

Josh Landry
Josh is a board gamer from Saint John, NB who has been playing games since he can remember starting with Monopoly. In 1999 started playing Star Wars RPG and now playing D&D Tm on a regular basis, and then Chess. Now at 29, he's a huge fan of Settlers of Catan. He's be running the blitz at Harbour Confusion in July after participating in two.

Con Organizers & Helpers

These people have helped co-organize blitz championships, helped with publicity, and/or helped with sponsorship. Thanks to volunteers who have helped run previous tournaments: Damian Suffoletta, Daniel-James Rafferty, Joanne Berta, and Lee Weishar.. and to all the particpants who helped explain the rules during a blitz! Your help is appreciated.