The best way to find out what the Great Canadian Board Game Blitz is all about is to watch our promo video:

          Photos of last board game towers before winner clips by Elizabeth Beard from DangerGirl Photography.
          Music by The Tea Party; song name "Winter Solstice".

The Great Canadian Board Game Blitz (GCBGB) is a circuit of board game tournaments held at Canadian game conventions and retailers. You play several rounds of games over the span of eight hours, collecting points based on your finishing rank in each game. The finals are held each summer in Toronto at Fan Expo. You can check the schedule below for upcoming events to see if there is a championship near you.

We ran our fifth finals event at FanExpo 2014 in August. George "Pat" Montgomery was crowned the Great Canadian Champion of 2014. This 2014 finals concluded our fourth season, and we are looking forward to many more!

To sign-up for an upcoming blitz, please send us an email with subject "GCBGB Sign-up". In the email, please give us your name and tell us which blitz you would like to sign-up for. If there is a Facebook or Meetup event for the blitz, then marking yourself as attending is another way to sign-up. Lastly, you can follow-up on the BoardGameGeek thread indicating that you plan to come.

Thanks to Christian Monterroso, we also now have a BoardGameGeek Micro Badge: .

To find out more, please see the About GCBGB section.

Upcoming Events

The GCBGB is on hiatus until we find a new main organizer.

Please contact us if you're interested!